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The best of the best! I've been around network marketing since 1980, and I've never seen a company with products of such pure standards of quality.

Randy P.

I am using Sesso Dolce on clients who are trying to get pregnant or need to regulate cycles.

Veronica O., Doula

In the evening I use Sesso Dolce as a perfume. My husband instantly knows it's going to be Sesso night.

Janet B.

I love TLC All-Purpose Ointment! It's great for dry, cracked "flip flop" feet!

Tracy K.

I'm a huge fan of Sesso Intense. Works for me and my partner!

John C.

Love, love, love the new blend Surreder! I diffused it all day yesterday. If you haven't ordered it yet YOU need to and only then will you know what I am talking about!

Bonnie H.

The Club

The goDésana Oil of The Month ClubTM is a simple, affordable, and fun way of building your very own Stillroom Collection of independently tested pure Essential Oils. Each month focuses on a different theme, and each month's collection has been carefully selected by our exclusive in-house purveyor and formulator, Alexandria Brighton, and chosen exclusively for its usefulness in your Stillroom arsenal.

Participating in the Oil Of The Month ClubTM is fun and easy. Simply enroll once, choosing your level of participation, and then each following month you'll receive that month's selection of Stillroom Essential Oils.

The Stillroom

Women as healers and caregivers for their families and communities pre-dates written history. From time immemorial, women were expected to give birth, nurture, heal, protect, provide for and spend their days steeped in the tradition of the wise women before them; caring for themselves and their families, and quite often, the entire community.

The women's art of healing reached its peak in the early part of the last century, in the time of the Stillroom. The Stillroom was a room separate from the kitchen, but within close proximity, that contained a still. Unlike the large outdoor stills used for making alcoholic beverages, the Stillroom still was a smaller, simpler version used to distil herbs to extract their essence for use in medication, cosmetics, salves, and other household necessities.

The Stillroom Recipe Book was passed down from mother to daughter. With the word "recipe" originally referring to a medicinal formula, and a recipe book for the Stillroom may contain everything from medicinal recipes to cough syrups, cosmetics, liniments, perfumes, pomanders, food preservation, jams and jellies, wool dyeing, candle making, and soap making much like some of the favorite recipes passed down from our ancestors are today. Everything that sustained and added quality of life to the family might be found in the Stillroom Recipe book.

Today, with the increasing interest in Aromatherapy, Essential Oils and other natural forms of health care, the arts of the Stillroom are again gaining recognition and are truly the birthright of everyone. Whenever you make a simple herbal recipe, scent a homemade candle, enjoy a potpourri from your own herb garden, make an herbal vinegar or preserve food, you are participating in the preservation of the tradition of the women's arts and the legacy from the long-forgotten Stillroom.

When the stresses of our fast-paced lives make us long for the simpler times, take out your Stillroom recipe book, select a favorite recipe and step back in time. Join the many who have gone before you, feeling the connection with those who have preserved the traditions, celebrations, and warm family memories we enjoy today.

January Oils

  • Dispel Sickness Essential Oil Blend
  • Restore Balance Essential Oil Blend
  • Dispel Superiority Essential Oil Blend
  • Restore Humility Essential Oil Blend
  • Dispel Entitlement Essential Oil Blend
  • Restore Right Use Of Power Essential Oil Blend
  • Dispel Judgment Essential Oil
  • Restore Tolerance Essential Oil

Download January OOTM

Oil Of The Month Intro Pack
Intro Club
$27 | 27 BV

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Includes: Dispel Sickness {5ml}

Oil Of The Month Basic Pack
Basic Club
$67 | 67 BV

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Includes: Dispel Sickness {5ml}, Restore Balance {5ml}, Dispel Superiority {5ml}, and Restore Humility {5ml}

Oil Of The Month Favorites Pack
Favorites Club
$127 | 80 BV

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Includes: Dispel Sickness {5ml}, Restore Balance {5ml}, Dispel Superiority {5ml}, Restore Humility {5ml}, Dispel Entitlement {5ml}, and Restore Right Use Of Power {5ml}

Oil Of The Month Signature Pack
Signature Club
$197 | 80 BV

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Includes: Dispel Sickness {5ml}, Restore Balance {5ml}, Dispel Superiority {5ml}, Restore Humility {5ml}, Dispel Entitlement {5ml}, Restore Right Use Of Power {5ml}, Dispel Judgment {5ml}, and Restore Tolerance {5ml}

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