Pink Grapefruit
Essential Oil


citrus paradisi

Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil has anti-depressive properties and an incredible fragrance that makes it a good choice to add to a perfume blend. It is uplifting as a diffuser oil and blends well with citrus, floral, and especially with Sandalwood Essential Oils.*

Pink Grapefruit is a very refreshing oil helpful in combatting depression and fatigue. It is cooling, cleansing, decongesting, and can be beneficial for the liver and a sluggish lymph system. Further, the pleasing aroma has laboratory-confirmed appetite reducing effects. Adding a drop of Pink Grapefruit to drinking water gives a refreshing zing that also has wonderful cleansing properties.*

  •   Country Of Origin: USA
  •   Extraction Method: Cold Expression
  •   Producing Organ: Rind
  •   Wildcrafted
  •   Safety Group #2
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